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$2.3 Million in planned streetscaping to increase connectivity in Downtown Spartanburg

Wednesday, July 23

Eight streetscaping projects will include important infrastructure improvements for pedestrians and cyclists


So far in our series exploring the economic power of Downtown Spartanburg, we've talked about the economic importance of the area around Morgan Square, and spent some time discussing the large investments that have transformed one section of our city's downtown.


Obviously though, there's a lot more work to do.


For example, how can we improve the experience for a family out enjoying an evening walk down the Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail?  Currently, their stroll likely ends at the corner of Henry and Union streets, because most understandably won't brave the daunting street crossing and the unpleasant walk that stands between them and all that Downtown Spartanburg has to offer. How can we bring those people into our city center instead of turning them away at the threshold? 


Beyond that, how can we improve the walking and cycling experience all across Downtown Spartanburg? What can we do to encourage more people to put one foot in front of the other one and explore more of what Downtown Spartanburg has to offer?


As it happens, we think about those questions all the time, and rather than just pondering the possibilities, last year City Council voted to do something about it. Check out the infographic below, and click the image to view a larger version.

streetscaping infographic


Make no mistake, these aren't just beautification projects. These infrastructure improvements are meant to encourage development and growth by connecting people with the businesses and amenities that make our city center great. In other words, it's all about increasing the economic power of Downtown Spartanburg, and today on the podcast, we're talking with Partners for Active Living Trails Coordinator Ned Barrett to discuss some of the ways these projects are going to improve both the quality of life for our residents and the bottom line for our businesses. Listen below for more details.


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