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Arts Roundup Podcast: Artists-in-Residence program returning to Hub-Bub

Friday, December 6

Four artists to begin six-month residency in January


Going back to its beginnings in 2006, the Hub-Bub Artists-in-Residence program has been one of the crown jewels in Spartanburg's cultural crown. Every year, four artists from around the country came to Downtown Spartanburg to live free and create, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our great city. Now, after a one-year hiatus, the much-loved AiR program is making a return, refashioned as a six-month residency featuring a filmmaker, a theater artist, and two visual artists. 


Today on the podcast, we sit down with Hub-Bub Artists-in-Residence Program Director, Eric Kocher to get some details about the resurgent AiR program. Listen below, and enjoy!


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Podcast music provided by Spartanburg singer-songwriter, David Ezell.