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City Council Approves $30 million in revenue bonds for CPW

Tuesday, September 10

CPW to use funds for infrastructure improvements

At their meeting on Monday, Spartanburg City Council voted 6-0 (Mayor Junie White was absent) to approve a $30 million bond issuance request from the Spartanburg Commission of Public Works. The CPW is responsible for repayment and plans to use most of the funds for infrastructure upgrades. 



Also at last night's meeting, Council voted 6-0 to approve to contract with wellness consultant, Argus Benefits to help the City get the best use from the funds it spends on employee healthcare. The cost of hiring Argus will be offset by replacing the commissions and administrative fees which have been built in to the City's various insurance costs, and no additional funding will be needed.


For a full look at last night's meeting, see the video below as well as a roundup of our live tweets.