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City Council approves first reading of ordinance allowing limited digital signage

Tuesday, December 12

Ordinance changes specify that LED digital signs must be 100 ft. from residential property


City Council voted 6-1 to allow limited use of LED digital for city businesses and institutions. Council member Erica Brown voted against the measure. Under the new rules, only "monument" signs no taller than 6 ft. would be allowed to contain digital signage, and no more than 30 percent of a sign could feature lighted digital messaging. Other requirements include:

• Messages must remain static for 15 seconds

• Signs which incorporate electronic message boards must have an element of landscaping at the base of the sign included as part of the sign permit package and installation;

• The sign may not display messages from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

• An electronic message board sign illumination shall not exceed 0.3 foot-candles over ambient lighting condition

• In order to minimize light trespass on abutting and nearby residential property, illumination measured at the nearest residential structure or rear yard setback line shall not exceed the moon’s potential ambient illumination of 0.1 foot-candle; 

• The leading edge of the sign shall be a minimum of 100’ from any single-family residential property line


A second reading of the sign changes will be taken up by Council in January before the changes go into effect. For more from Monday's City Council meeting, see the full video and roundup of our live tweets below.