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City Council approves streetscaping improvements for Magnolia Street

Tuesday, June 14

Improvements include widened sidewalk, new landscaping, outdoor seating for restaurants


Another downtown streetscaping project got the nod from City Council at their meeting on Monday, voting unanimously to approve a $148,380 contract with Capital Construction of the Carolinas for improvements along Magnolia Street, between Dunbar and W Saint John streets. The Magnolia Street project is the third of the City's $2.3 million streetscaping plan, passed by Council in 2014.


Designed to improve storefront visibility, create additional public space, and significantly improve the street's pedestrian experience. Plans call for replacing and widening the sidewalk, as well as constructing four “sidewalk patios,” around 24 ft. wide and 42 ft. long, meant to serve as outdoor dining space. The project also includes changes to the street's landscaping, removing the existing trees located in the sidewalk, and replacing them with trees planted primarily around the patio spaces. No on-street parking will be lost as a result of the project. 


Council also voted unanimously to approve the second reading of the City's fiscal year 2017 budget. The $37.2 million budget includes no tax increases and includes a four percent projected increase in General Fund revenue. Spending increases include a 2.5 percent cost-of-living raise for City employees, 10 percent incresae for the City Employee medical fund, $220,000 for building facilities maintenance, and around $114,000 for mandatory increases in retirement.


For more from Monday's meeting see the full video below as well as our live tweets from the meeting.




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