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City Council considers proposal from Hub City Co-op

Tuesday, March 18

Co-op asks City Council for $400,000 in financial support to open downtown grocery store


At their meeting on Monday, Spartanburg City Council heard from Hub City Co-op board members hoping to secure $400,000 in financial support to open a downtown grocery store at 176 N. Liberty Street. Claiming that $64 million was lost in grocery and specialty food sales to other counties in 2009, Hub City Co-op says their 1,087 owners prove the need for a downtown grocery store.


Those owners each paid $150 for a membership to the Co-op, with others investing in the store as well. The group estimates its costs to open at around $2.7 million, and says it needs financial support from the City to secure a loan before renovation on their location can begin. The presentation was for informational purposes only, and Council took no action on Hub City Co-op's proposal.


Also at last night's meeting, Council:


• Approved 7-0 a $1.6 million equipment lease purchase agreement.13 Police vehicles, one vehicle for the Fire Department, three vehicles and four various pieces of equipment for Grounds Maintenance, two Automated Side Loaders for Solid Waste,  one vehicle for Inspections, one Freightliner Sweeper for Street Maintenance.


• Unanimously approved refinancing bonds associated with Renaissance Park to take advantage of lower interest rate.


For more on last night's City Council meeting, see the full video and roundup of our live tweets below.