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City Council hears from groups requesting hospitality tax funding

Wednesday, May 27

First round of organizations seeking hospitality tax funding make their case to Council


At their meeting on Tuesday, Spartanburg City Council heard from the first round of groups seeking hospitality tax funding for the coming 2016 fiscal year. Council decided at their previous meeting to hear presentations requesting fiscal year 2016 funding in two rounds of meetings, and to appoint a committee to examine the process for distributing hospitality tax funding for fiscal year 2017. State law requires that 50 percent of hospitality tax funds be spent to encourage visits to the area, though no other stipuations are placed on the funding. In previous years, city staff has made recommendations to Council regarding which groups receive funding and how much each group receives. You can view the full list of organizations requesting hopspitality tax funding by following this link.


Also at the meeting, Council voted unanimously to annex property at 203 and 205 Cedar Springs Rd., the future site of a Walmart Neighborhood Market currently under construction. The property owner requested annexation.


For more on last night's City Council meeting, see the full video and roundup of our live tweets below.



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