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City introduces 'HeySpartanburg!' citizen request mobile app

Monday, July 28

New app will allow citizens and City officials to communicate directly about service issues, problems, requests


City of Spartanburg citizens have a new, free, easy-to-use digital product they can use to report issues and ask for help. HeySpartanburg! is now available via the City’s website (click here) or through the iTunes and Android stores for your mobile devices.


The new mobile app will allow bring city services to the fingertips of citizens, allowing them to request services, such as a large greenwaste pickup, or to report problems or other issues such as potholes, damaged sidewalks, street light or traffic light outages, and downed trees. The requests are automatically routed to the appropriate City official. In turn, City officials will be able to use HeySpartanburg! to communicate with citizens, updating them on the status of the response to their inquiry or to ask for more information or clarification on the problem or request. The City will also be able to utilize HeySpartanburg! to send push notifications to citizens about important issues or share information in emergency situations.


“We are pleased to offer this new tool to the public,” City Communications Manager Will Rothschild said. “It will complement our mobile-friendly website, and will build on the efforts we have made over the past several years to become more accessible, responsive, and efficient. The capabilities we will have with this mobile app are tremendous. In the case of the recent train derailment near Daniel Morgan Avenue, we could have used HeySpartanburg! to first alert citizens of the incident and then keep them updated about road closures and reopenings.”

HeySpartanburg! also allows citizens to attach photos of the issue they are reporting and see what other requests or inquiries have been submitted. Service requests can also be shared on Facebook and twitter, keeping the process transparent to everyone. HeySpartanburg! also will provide links from its main page to essential “on-the-go” information about the downtown parking and garages, and solid waste, recycling and green waste collection maps, schedules and updates.

HeySpartanburg! is built on the award-winning mobile platform developed by PublicStuff. While more than 200 cities and organizations nationwide are using PublicStuff technology to become more accessible to their citizens and stakeholders, Spartanburg is the first city in South Carolina to partner with PublicStuff. 


Follow the links below to download HeySpartanburg! for your device.

HeySpartanburg! iOS



HeySpartanbug! Android


Want to learn more about our new mobile app? Listen to the podcast about HeySpartanburg! below.

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