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City News Podcast: Assistant City Manager Chris Story on Spartanburg's Redevelopment Momentum

Thursday, November 29

Renovations of Oakman Glass Building, Evans Building and DuPre House part of Downtown momentum

What do the former Oakman Glass building, Evans Building, and DuPre House all have in common? All three are major redevelopment projects going on in Downtown Spartanburg right now. Assistant City Manager Chris Story joins us again for the final segment in this podcast series, breaking down what these important projects mean for our city. Along the way, he uses awesomely wonky phrases like "adaptive reuse of existing structures," which, in case you're not a total nerd like we are, just means old buildings being upfitted for new stuff. As it happens, that new stuff is good stuff. It's the kind of stuff that brings more people, more energy, and more enthusiasm to our downtown. 


We also find time to mention a big playoff football game coming to Spartanburg this week, as our own Wofford Terriers take on the University of New Hampshire in the second round of the NCAA Football Championship Subdivison playoffs at Gibbs Stadium.


So kick back, listen, and take this opportunity to feel really good about yourself for having the good judgment to call our impressive college football-loving, redevelopment-minded city home. 


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