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City News Podcast: Construction Starting Soon on Northside Healthy Food Hub

Thursday, August 29

Community Services Director Mitch Kennedy on the importance of Healthy Food Hub to future Northside Initiative developments


Earlier this year, we had City Community Services Director Mitch Kennedy on the podcast to talk about the Northside Initiative, a truly massive effort on the part of both public and private entities to redevelop of one of our city's most impoverished areas. 

Today on the podcast, we're focusing in on one element of that effort, the Healthy Food Hub. With construction set to begin shortly on the project, the Healthy Food Hub will serve as home to the Hub City Farmers Market, and will house a garden, a community kitchen, and a cafe selling nutritious, ready-made meals and fresh produce to members of the Northside community and beyond.


Where does the food hub fit in to the overall Northside Initiative picture, and what could it mean for the community when the hub opens next year? This week, we've brought Kennedy back on the podcast to talk about it. Listen below and enjoy.


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