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City News Podcast: How Downtown Spartanburg leads the way on jobs

Monday, July 7

Jobs? Oh, Downtown Spartanburg has jobs.


Do you work in or near Downtown Spartanburg? If you do, you're definitely not alone. It might not make headlines the way our county's industrial titans (justifiably) do when they announce an expansion, but thousands of people spend their workdays in and around Downtown Spartanburg. How many? Check out the infographic below to get a little perspective.


Morgan Square infographic


Pretty impressive, right? Today on the podcast, we're talking with Assistant City Manager Chris Story to get a little context on those numbers. What do those thousands of workers bring to Spartanburg, and why is it important that we not only celebrate the economic success of Downtown Spartanburg today, but also that we continue to add to that success? Listen to the podcast below to find out.


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Podcast music provided by Spartanburg singer-songwriter, David Ezell.


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