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City News Podcast: Northside Redevelopment Planning Workshop to be held January 9–11

Monday, January 6

Workshop series gives public opportunity to participate in Northside redevelopment planning


Here on the City Podcast, we've devoted a lot of time to the Northside Initiative. We've given our listeners a basic overview of the area and some of the challenges facing our neighbors there, and heard a compelling argument from former Spartanburg Mayor Bill Barnet about why the Northside matters for the future of our city. All the while, we've tried to convey the enormous scale and importance of this crucial redevelopment effort.


This week though, it's your turn to tell us what you think. On January 9–11 at Green Street Baptist Church, a series of community planning workshops will be held as part of the planning process for the Northside Initiative. These workshops, which are free and open to the public, will provide the public with both an opportunity to learn more about various facets of the initiative, and more importantly to have a say in what this part of our city will ultimately look like. Today on the podcast, we delve into what folks can expect from this workshop series with Community Services Director Mitch Kennedy. Listen below to learn more, and for a full schedule of this week's workshops, follow this link.


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