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City News Podcast: Previewing 2014 in Spartanburg, part 3

Friday, January 3

Streetscaping projects and Northside Initiative to make news in 2014


On parts one and two of our podcast series looking ahead to 2014 in Spartanburg, we covered some of what we expect will be the biggest changes in store for us this year, from new City Council members, to the renovation of one our city skyline's most important buildings, to the much-anticipated launch of this year's Main Street Challenge.


As great as all of that is, we may have saved the best for last, starting with some big projects coming to improve downtown walkability and improvements to a large number of City parks and recreation facilities. On an even more transformative scale, 2014 is set to be a huge year for the Northside Initiative, starting with a series of public workshops taking place January 9-11. With work underway on both the new Northside Healthy Food Hub, and a model block on Brawley Street designed to show what the Northside can look like in the future, 2014 is poised to be the year when plans to redevelop this vital part of our city start to bear visible fruit. Listen to the podcast below.


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Podcast music provided by Spartanburg singer-songwriter, David Ezell.