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City News Podcast: The 2014 City Budget Explained

Wednesday, June 12

What does the 2014 budget mean for you?


June. Temperatures soar. Vacations are taken. Children roam free and unencumbered by school, books, and teacher's dirty looks.


And of course, no June would be complete without...a new City budget.


Today on the podcast, we break down that most wonkish of all City documents, the fiscal year 2014 budget. You'll learn what fancy terms like property reassessment actually mean, and how that process (which takes place every five years in our state) affects your tax rate. You'll also learn what a property tax millage rate is, and how it's calculated. 


Most importantly, if we've done our job with this podcast, you'll learn a little about the budget itself, and about the "why" behind what your City Government does with your tax dollars. So give a listen, and let us know what you think with a comment below. If you have any questions regarding the budget, or points you'd like to have clarified, please feel free to contact City Communications Manager Will Rothschild by phone at (864) 596-2491 or by email at


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