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City News Podcast: WOLI rolls into Spartanburg, August 14

Thursday, August 8

90 foot Ferris wheel will dominate Morgan Square skyline


It might just be the coolest thing to ever come completely out of left field in Downtown Spartanburg's history. Yes, the rumors are true. Thanks to the generosity of a private donor, for 12 days starting August 14, a 90 ft. Ferris wheel named WOLI (Wheel of Lights and Inspirations) will dominate the Morgan Square skyline from its position along Spring Street in front of the clock tower (click here for a map).


Standing 20 feet taller than the clock tower, and festooned with enough lights to throw off an owl's circadian rhythm, WOLI spends most of the year at some of the nation's biggest outdoor festivals, including a stint at Bonnaroo earlier this summer. In our humble opinion, there's no better way to bring a little of that festival spirit to Spartanburg as summer winds down. Want the full details? Listen to the podcast below, check out the WOLI fact sheet here, and get ready to be taken to new heights in Downtown Spartanburg!


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