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City Roundtable Podcast: Schuyler building renovation adds to Downtown momentum

Thursday, June 20

Iconic Downtown Spartanburg apartment building to get major facelift


Impossible to miss on the drive up South Church Street into Downtown, the 13-story Schuyler Apartment builidng has been a fixture in the Spartanburg skyline since 1950. Now, thanks to a massive renovation effort, a building that was originally constructed to provide housing for a post-World War II boom will get another chance to serve the same purpose for a rapidly redeveloping Downtown Spartanburg.


Where does the Schuyler building renovation fit into the big picture? With new businesses opening and new announcements coming seemingly every week at times, how far are we from that "tipping point" Downtown Spartanburg boosters have talked about for so long? Today on the podcast, we sit down with Hub-Bub Executive Director and City Council member Cate Ryba and Hub-Bub Showroom Director Stephen Long to have a little discussion on everyone's favorite topic. Listen and enjoy!


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