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City Roundtable Podcast: What's all the Hub-Bub about?

Thursday, April 11

Talk20 and Second Chance Prom coming to the Showroom

Unless you're new to Spartanburg, you've most likely, at some point in the past few years or so, heard of an organzation called Hub-Bub. But what is Hub-Bub? If you're not "in the know," you might not have any idea, but after today it'll be safe to officially call yourself an expert. On this podcast, we sit down with the organization's Executive Director, Cate Ryba (also member of City Council) and the Hub-Bub Showroom Director, Stephen Long to talk about the organization's history, and its place in the local community.


Along the way we also get the skinny on some of Hub-Bub's great events coming up in the next few weeks, including a very special event this Saturday featuring a presentation by a member of our fearless podcasting duo, City Communications Manager Will Rothschild. Listen and Enjoy!


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