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Council approves ordinance allowing solar panels in historic neighborhoods

Tuesday, August 9

New changes for historic districts pass first reading in 4-3 vote


Soon residents in the city's two local historic districts, Hampton Heights and Beaumont Village may be allowed to add solar panels after City Council voted 4-3 to approve changes to the city's historic district guidelines. Under current rules, there are no guidelines for solar panels in Hampton Heights, and they are specifically forbidden in Beaumont Village. The measure must pass a second reading before taking effect. Council members Rosalyn Henderson Myers, Jerome Rice, and Laura Stille voted against the motion.


Also at Monday's meeting, Council gave unanimous approval to zoning changes to the city's north side related to the area's redevelopment. The more flexible form-based standards for the neighborhood are meant to encourage flexible redevelopment based on the expected use of a development, and allows for a wider range of mixed uses, including commercial, residential, office, and institutional.


For more from Monday's meeting see the full video below as well as a roundup of our live tweets.



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