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Council discusses residential code enforcement options

Tuesday, December 9

Council examines handling of long-term vacant residential properties


At their last meeting of 2014, Spartanburg City Council heard from City Manager Ed Memmott about some of the challenges the city has in dealing with long-vacant, derelict residential properties. In his presentation, Memmott said that options for dealing with Spartanburg's worst out-of-code properties are limited and often administratively difficult. Property owners, particularly those who live outside of Spartanburg County, can be difficult to locate and even more difficult to hold responsible for repairs.


Memmott also stressed that while demolition is sometimes the best option, it is costly and that the process necessary to demolish a structure can sometimes take years. He also noted that demolition is often not the best option for the community. For neighborhoods like Beaumont Mills, which was designated as a local historic district in 2010, demolition can be detrimental to the community's historic nature.


So far this year, the city has demolished four condemned residential structures, with plans to demolish another 10 citywide this fiscal year.


Last night's meeting was also the last for District 4 City Council member Cate Ryba. Earlier this month, Ryba announced plans to resign from Council at the end of the year and relocate to Asheville where her husband, Aaron is helping to lead an expansion of local architecture firm, McMillan Pazdan Smith. For more on the meeting, see our full video and roundup of live tweets below.