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Council endorses City application to 'ForEveryoneHome,' program to assist with affordable housing solutions

Tuesday, February 26

Program provides technical assistance to support affordable housing solutions


At their meeting on Monday, Spartanburg City Council voted 7-0 to endorse the City's application for a program that provides technical assistance to communities to promote housing affordability. The “ForEveryoneHome” initiative is an 18-month technical assistance, peer learning and community engagement program to help cities chart a path to inclusive growth through lasting affordability.


The group behind the program, Grounded Solutions Network, is a national collaborative that supports local communities, connecting local experts with the networks, knowledge, and support to promote housing solutions that will stay affordable for generations and to build stable equitable neighborhoods.Their work at the national, state, and local levels results in more use of financially viable and sustainable housing models and adoption of inclusive housing policies. The 'ForEveryoneHome" program will work with teams of municipal officials and community leaders in select cities where renewed growth and investment place communities of color at risk of displacement. We want to get ahead of the curve in these communities—catalyzing action to protect affordability, diversity and cultural heritage before displacement pressures become too great.


If Spartanburg is selected for the program, Grounded Solutions would provide assistance valued at $150,000, with the City obligated to provide a $75,000 match, which could be accommodated over two fiscal years and which could potentially be paid for in part by the City's partners. Grounded Solutions is expected to provide a decision and selection of communities by March 31.


For more from Monday's City Council meeting, see the full video below.