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Hundreds of new and renovated residential units add to economic power of Downtown Spartanburg

Thursday, August 7

Developments bring hundreds of residents to city center


So far in our series on the economic power of Downtown Spartanburg, we've talked about a lot of the great things about our city's core that otherwise might fly a little under the radar at times. From the nine-figure investment that's transformed one block, to the streescaping plan that promises to help transform the way we get around, to the staggering number of people who work within one mile of Morgan Square, it's pretty clear that Downtown Spartanburg is on a historic upswing.


One of the best ways to gauge the truth of that statement is to ask a simple question: how many people choose to live in Downtown Spartanburg? As it turns out, a lot.

300 residential units


Sure, you may be asking, but how many units in Downtown Spartanburg actually have someone living in them? How about 90 percent? On top of that great occupancy rate, there s the promise of more on the horizon with a new building on Broad St. currently under construction and more new developments on the horizon.


Add all that up and it's clear that it's not that there aren't enough people to fill the units we have, it's that we don't have enough units for the people wishing to hang their hats in Downtown Spartanburg. And that's a problem that there's no shortage of developers looking to solve.


Today on the podcast, we're talking about (what else) residential development in Downtown Spartanburg. In the first part of the podcast we give a lay of the land. Why is it important to encourage people to live Downtown, and what do those residents bring to our city center?


In the second portion of today's podcast we sit down with Pace Snellings of the newly redeveloped Church Street Lofts about what could easily be called the crown jewel of residential redevelopment in Spartanburg. With its 88 stunning studio and one-bedroom units, there's little doubt that the former Schuyler Building is on the verge of becoming Downtown Spartanburg's hottest address when it opens its doors in September. Listen below to learn more.


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