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Main Street Challenge: What would you like to see at 147 East Main?

Monday, January 7

Imagining Spartanburg's next great Downtown businesses

If you're in the know about the goings on in our great city, you've probably heard a bit about our latest innovative downtown development program, the Main Street Challenge, but if you haven't heard, here's the rundown...


Launching this past Sunday, the Main Street Challenge is designed to help three entrepreneurs open new businesses in 2013 by providing a cash incentive of $12,000 (split into 12 monthly installments) to be used as rent assistance in a downtown location pre-identified by the City and the property owner. The selection process will include several phases, with six finalists ultimately presenting detailed business plans to the selection committee. In addition to the $12,000 incentive provided by the City, additional in-kind incentives — such as marketing assistance, accounting, printing, etc. — will be provided to each winner by local businesses who have agreed to participate.

Those "pre-identified" spaces got a little window dressing late last week, allowing all of us to take a peek at where the next great businesses to call Downtown Spartanburg home might be located. In all, six spaces are up for consideration, and while obviously not all of them will be filled by winners of the challenge, the sweet new signs enticing potential entrepreneurs to "win this space" also serve another function: they encourage us all to stop, take a look at these available storefronts, and daydream about the possibilities.


So starting today, we're going to be doing just that, posting a few pictures and details about one of the storefronts on East Main Street that's been selected for the challenge. Kicking things off is 147 East Main Street. This 1,178-square-foot space is located right next to YOGAlicious Yoga Studio, and is just loaded with potential.


Potential for what, you might ask. Well, that's where you come in. After all, what's the point in having big signs in all the windows unless we encourage a little collective daydreaming? So take a look at the pictures below, and leave a comment to let us know what you'd like to see at 147 East Main Street. And, if you're the entrepreneurial type, check out our Main Street Challenge page, and fill out an application to get in the contest. Who knows? The business that fills 147 East Main Street might be your own.


147 East Main Street photo 1



147 East Main Street photo 2



147 East Main Street photo 3