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National Night Out to kick off at Chapel Street Park

Thursday, July 31

City neighborhoods to host events throughout the city on Tuesday, August 5


The annual National Night Out (Tuesday, August 5) is designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness, generate support for anti-crime efforts, strengthen neighborhood spirit and police community partnerships, and send a message to criminals letting them know they are not welcome in our neighborhoods.


For the first time, National Night Out will include a “kickoff site” at 5:30 p.m. at Chapel Street Park, where the Victoria Gardens Apartments and Northside Neighborhood Association come together to co-host a National Night Out event. Police Chief Alonzo Thompson and Mayor Pro Tem Jan Scalisi will start the evening at Chapel Street Park along with neighborhood leaders from the Northside commu- nity. Thompson and Scalisi will then visit other National Night Out sites, while members of the City’s police and fire departments and other City staff also will be on hand at each National Night Out site.


“National Night Out is an important opportunity for our citizens, police officers, firefighters, and local leaders to come together to make a statement about our community,” Chief Thompson said. “It helps deepen existing relationships and form new ones while building trust between our citizens and those of us in uniform.”


This year, 23 city neighborhoods and neighborhood associations are participating in National Night Out, hosting a variety of get-togethers and events, including: Andrews Farm Neighborhood Associa- tion, Camp Croft Apartments, Cleveland Park/Northside Neighborhood Association, Converse Heights Neighborhood Association, Hampton Heights Neighborhood Association, J.C. Anderson Townhomes, Kensington Drive Neighborhood Association, Liberty Square Senior Apartments, Pine Forest Neighbor- hood Association, South Converse Neighborhood Association, Summerhill Neighborhood Association, Wadsworth Hills Neighborhood Association, Beaumont Village Neighborhood Association, Carriage House Condos, Collins Park/Cottage Grove, Forest Park Neighborhood Association, Highland Neighborhood As- sociation, J.C. Bull Apartments, Kensington Manor Apartments, Maxwell Hills Neighborhood Association, Pineview Hill Neighborhood Association, Summer Place Apartments, Victoria Gardens Apartments. 


For more information about National Night Out, follow this link.


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