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Podcast: A history of Downtown Spartanburg, part 2

Thursday, December 28

Part two of a conversation with local historians Brad Steinecke and Phillip Stone

This week on the City Podcast we've got part two of our conversation with two of the most knowledgeable local historians we know, Brad Steinecke, Assistant Director of Local History at the Spartanburg County Public Library and Phillip Stone, Archivist at Wofford College. We're taking this moment, at the end of one of the biggest years for development that Downtown Spartanburg has ever seen, to try to contextualize this current moment in our urban core's history by taking a look at how we got here, starting with the construction of Spartanburg's first county courthouse and ending with a discussion about the current state of downtown.


This being the second episode of our two-part journey, if you haven't already, be sure to check out part one of our discussion by following this link. Listen below for more!


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