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Podcast: 'A Taste of Spartanburg' showcases local chefs and farmers

Thursday, November 16

Hub City Press title celebrates Spartanburg food from farm to table


We've talked a lot about Spartanburg's emerging reputation as a foodie town on the podcast. Over the last few years, our local restaurant scene has taken off in ways few people would've imagined a decade ago, with new and exciting concepts opening with almost metronomic regularity. 


Against that backdrop, a book celebrating Spartanburg's food culture seems perfectly timed, and it's no surprise that the folks at Hub City Writers Project were plugged in enough to make that happen. A Taste of Spartanburg: Local Chefs, Local Farmers, Local Recipes is a celebration of Spartanburg's emerging foodie and farm culture, highlighting a mix of local food producers who uphold the upcountry small farming tradition and a talented and personable assortment of local chefs.


The book also features recipes that speak to our South Carolina cultural heritage: peach biscuits, Carolina red barbecue, stew meat; as well the cuisine that reflects our international flair: apple strudel, spaghetti carbonara, Thai steak and more. Today on the podcast, we're talking with Betsy Teter, Editor & Director of Development with Hub City Writers Project and Amanda Richardson, co-author of the book and founder of the local food blog, Hub City Bites. Listen below for more!


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