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Podcast: An overview of the fiscal year 2017 city budget

Wednesday, June 8

Diving deep on the fiscal year 2017 budget with Assistant City Manager Chris Story


June is here, and in the world of local government that normally means one thing: budget time! At their most recent meeting, City Council gave first approval to the $37.2 million fiscal year 2017 budget, which includes no tax increases and includes a four percent projected increase in General Fund revenue, the largest growth rate since end of the recession.


Still, even with positive signs for future growth, this FY 2017 is a "status quo budget" year according to City Management, with unavoidable spending increases including a 10 percent increase for the City Employee medical fund, $220,000 for building facilities maintenance, and around $114,000 for mandatory increases in the city's retirement contribution for employees. Additionally, a 2.5 percent cost-of-living raise for City employees is included. 

Today on the podcast, we're diving deep on the fiscal year 2017 budget with Assistant City Manager Chris Story, getting the nuts and bolts as well as discussing what this year's budget says about the near-term future of our city and the direction we're headed. Listen below for more.

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