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Podcast: Getting to know Hub-Bub's 2015 Artists-in-Residence

Wednesday, January 21

Innovative Spartanburg Artists-in-Residence program welcomes eighth class


It's been one of Spartanburg's most successful arts programs, and this year Hub-Bub's Artists-in-Residence program welcomes the eighth group to its six-month residency. This year's artists include two visual artists, Robin Schwartzman and Jennifer Bonner, as well as a playwright, Anna Abhau Elliott, and a filmmaker, Desiree Moore. If the lasting positive impact on Spartanburg left by past A.i.Rs is any indication, we'd do well to expect great things from the newest group of four who'll be hanging their hats in the Grain District for the next six months.


First though, it's time to get to know Downtown's Spartanburg's newest batch of transient creatives, so recently we sat down with the new A.i.Rs and Hub-Bub's Artists-in-Residence Program Director Eric Kocher to do just that. Listen below for more, and be sure to come out to The Showroom January 31 at 8 p.m. to meet the new A.i.Rs yourself at their entry show


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Podcast music provided by Spartanburg singer-songwriter, David Ezell.