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Podcast: How seven 'Class A' office buildings changed the Downtown Spartanburg skyline

Wednesday, September 24

Influx of corporate headquarters provides boost to economic power of Downtown Spartanburg


If you've been following our series on the Economic Power of Downtown Spartanburg so far, you might recall that our very first podcast in the series covered jobs, specifically the huge number of people who work in or near Downtown and what those jobs mean for our community. Today, we're going to examine how Spartanburg got a big chunk of those jobs.


Corporate Headquarters


Aside from fundamentally changing the skyline of Downtown Spartanburg, the seven "Class A" office buildings built since 2002 in our city have brought thousands of well-paying jobs to our downtown area. Those workers support our restaurants and small businesses. They take advantage of our cultural offerings. Many of them live in one of the 300+ residential units in Downtown Spartanburg. They not only put the "work" in the "live, work, play" recipe for downtown success, they go a long way towards boosting the other two.


Today on the podcast, we're taking a look at how these job-creating developments have helped turn Downtown Spartanburg into an economic engine for our entire region. Never content with where we are now, we also take time to talk about how the city can build on those successes by laying the groundwork for more potential corporate neighbors to locate their businesses here. Listen below for more.

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