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Podcast: Hub-Bub, College Town partner on downtown utility box public art project

Thursday, November 9

Colorful vinyl wraps spruce up utility boxes throughout downtown


We've talked a lot about growth in downtown Spartanburg on our City Podcast. We've talked about restaurants, retail shops, historic redevelopment projects, and new construction galore. Whatever sector you care to look at, there's an example of unprecedented growth to be found. Public art in our downtown has been no exception to that trend. Projects like Seeing Spartanburg in a New Light and Lighten Up Spartanburg have joined numerous murals and sculptures all over our downtown in recent years, adding to our vibrancy and enhancing the quality of place for everyone who visits.


And today on the podcast, we're taking a look at a project that's using perhaps the most mundane of all possible canvasses to add some more color to our downtown, while promoting the seven colleges in our area. Eric Kocher with Hub-Bub and Naomi Sargent join us today to talk about this unique partnership and give us the lowdown on how these simple utility boxes are now being transformed into works of art. Listen below for more


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