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Podcast: 'Hub Crawl' mini art fair coming to downtown Spartanburg, Sept. 28

Wednesday, September 21

Event part of new downtown programming initiative from Hub-Bub


It's our city's both literal and figurative centerpiece, a space with which practically everyone who lives in Spartanburg County is familiar. Serving as the home for recurring events like Jazz on the Square and Music on Main, Morgan Square has long been an ideal (and iconic) place for the community to come together to celebrate. 


Now, thanks to local arts organization Hub-Bub and their partners throughout Spartanburg, those opportunities are more abundant than ever. As part of their mission to "reimagine place," the group has launched a new initiative that will bring dozens of events of all types to the square, in the hopes of injecting a near-constant buzz of community activity into Spartanburg's most well-known public space.


For a taste of what they've got planned for the square, check out Hub Crawl, September 28, 5– 8p.m. Morgan Square and the surrounding area will be turned into a mini art fair featuring live music, painting, poetry, and interactive stations. Listen to our podcast below for more details on this event and others that Hub-Bub has in store!


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