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Podcast: New office development promises at least 250 jobs for Downtown Spartanburg

Thursday, February 25

Office development behind Spartanburg Marriott to be at least three stories tall, 50,000 square feet


As a dedicated City Podcast listener, you've likely already heard that City Council unanimously approved two major downtown development projects at their meeting earlier this week. We've already discussed one of those projects, a five-story mixed-use development featuring 30 apartment units and 3,000 square feet of ground floor retail space to be built on the corner of W Main Street and Daniel Morgan Avenue, on a podcast earlier this week. You should check that episode out, because that development is going to be very cool, and you'll be cooler for knowing more about it.


Today, we're talking about the other portion of the Downtown Spartanburg development two-fer: a new office building, at least three stories tall, with at least 50,000 square feet of space to accommodate 250 professional office workers. Spartanburg Marriott owners, Jimmy Gibbs and Andrew Cajka plan to build the new office development on a parcel behind the hotel.


Today on the podcast, we're discussing details of this great new development. What will it, and the new downtown workers the development brings with it, mean for Spartanburg? How will further development in that portion of downtown, an area that has seen recent business growth with the opening of Hub City Tap House and the nearly completed Hub City Co-op, affect the need for greater connectivity between the downtown core and other areas? Listen below to find out.


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