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Podcast: Outgoing City Manager, Ed Memmott reflects on 21 years in Spartanburg (part two)

Wednesday, September 26

Memmott reflects on community development progress in Spartanburg, work left to be done


As you might imagine, in his 21 years serving in Spartanburg City Government, outgoing City Manager Ed Memmott has seen our city go through some drastic changes. Coming to the the City in 1997 to serve as Community Development Director, Memmott then served as Assistant City Manager for five years before becoming City Manager in 2009 and has overseen one of the most important development periods in Spartanburg's history.


The list of projects speaks for itself. During his tenure, Ed Memmott led City efforts on the Advance America headquarters building, One Morgan Square, QS/1, Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, the University of South Carolina Upstate - College of Business and Economics, Spartanburg Community College Downtown Campus, South Church Street Plaza, CC Woodson Community Center, AC Hotel, Montgomery Building, Aug. W. Smith, and the Northside Initiative. Beyond the impressive list of accomplishments that have shaped the present and future of our city, Memmott's true strength as City Manager was always the importance he placed on improving the lives of the people who call this place home. His emphasis on the absolute necessity of genuine, people-centered community development has been a constant, and the team he has built around those efforts is an impressive and lasting testament to his leadership and vision.


Now, as Memmott prepares to retire from his role here at the City, we've invited former City Communications Manager Will Rothschild to join us to help in the daunting task of trying to encapsulate a career that spans one of the most important periods in our city's story so far. If you haven't listened already, be sure to check out part one of our conversation with Memmott, and then listen below for part two.


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