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Podcast: Slide the City returns to downtown Spartanburg, Saturday, June 18

Wednesday, June 15

1,000-foot water slide coming to Daniel Morgan Avenue, behind Spartanburg Marriott


Officially, summer hasn't actually arrived yet, but you'd have a hard time guessing that if you've spent anytime outdoors lately. Looking for a unique way to beat the heat this weekend?

On Saturday, June 18 consider that heat beaten thanks to our friends at Hub-BubSlide the City, a one-day event offering the chance to slip and slide down a 1,000-foot section of Daniel Morgan Avenue in downtown Spartanburg, comes to town June 18, 10 a.m–6 p.m. Registration for the event is open now, so get your tickets now for what's sure to be the most fun way to get some hot weather weekend kicks in Spartanburg. Today on the podcast we're talking with William Gray and Eric Kocher of Hub-Bub about the event. Listen below for details.


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