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Podcast: Spartanburg momentum gets boost with District 7 building plan

Thursday, March 17

$185 Million District 7 building plan includes new Spartanburg High School on E Main Street


On Tuesday, voters in Spartanburg School District 7 approved a $185 million building plan that will bring a host of facility improvements, including two new schools, a new elementary school to replace Houston and Chapman elementary schools and a new Spartanburg High School to be built on E Main Street at the site of the old Lan-Yair Country Club. The building plan referendum, which passed overwhelmingly with 63 percent of the vote, includes a 10-mill tax increase.


Today on the podcast, we're discussing what this newly approved plan means for the city. What might a new, prominently located high school facility mean both for potential new residents looking for a place within our community to call home, and what could this massive new public investment mean for future private development along the E Main Street corridor? Beyond that, what does it say about Spartanburg in 2016, and the vision our residents have for the future of our city, that such a bold, ambitious plan was approved by such a wide margin? 


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