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Pondering Three Downtown Streetscaping Possibilities

Wednesday, July 10

Which downtown streetscaping project would you like to see?


At Monday's meeting, City Council got an overview of the options for new downtown streetscaping. The skinny at this point is that the City can afford to tackle one of three possible "big" streetscaping projects (possibly with a couple of the smaller projects as well) over the next 18 months. Any of these great projects would help take a section of our city out of the "ocean of asphalt" category, and bring it forward into a more modern urban environment, one that fits with the idea that a city should accommodate cars, bicycles, and pedestrians, doing everything possible to make the journey pleasant for all three.


The final decision on which of these projects moves forward obviously belongs to Council, but in the meantime, let's take a look at the possibilities...


Converse Street between Kennedy and E. Saint John streets

Running past the Denny's building across E. Main to E. Saint John Street just across from the Chapman Cultural Center, this section of Converse Street would be narrowed to two lanes and would include new bike lanes and pedestrian improvements, providing a more connected feel between the new Downtown Campus of Spartanburg Community College, Richardson Park, East Main Street, and the Chapman Cultural Center. 


Converse Street 1

Looking north on S. Converse Street from Kennedy with the future Downtown Campus of Spartanburg Community College on the right.


Converse Street 2

Looking north at the Chapman Cultural Center from N. Converse Street.


Converse Street 3

Looking south on N. Converse from near the interesection with E. Saint John Street.


Daniel Morgan Avenue between W. Henry Street and W. Main Street

From the intersection of West Henry Street, this section of Daniel Morgan Avenue runs past The Showroom at Hub-Bub and The Iron Yard up to the intersection of W Main Street near Cribbs Kitchen. Serving as a kind of Grain District connector, this section of Daniel Morgan would get a "road diet" similar to the recently completed adjacent streetscaping along West Main Street. Similar to Converse Street, Daniel Morgan Avenue would be narrowed to two lanes and would include new bike lanes and pedestrian improvements.


Daniel Morgan Avenue 1

Looking south on Daniel Morgan Avenue from near W. Main Street.


Daniel Morgan Avenue 2

Looking north on Daniel Morgan Avenue from near W. Henry Street.


Daniel Morgan Avenue 3

Looking north on Daniel Morgan Avenue with The Iron Yard and Hub Bub's Showroom on the right.


E. Main Street between Church and Converse streets

The third of our streetscaping options involves straightening out the chicanes on E. Main Street between Church and and Converse streets, and potentially providing more on-street parking by replacing the current slanted spaces with parallel spaces along the street's entire length. This would allow for wider sidewalks and pedestrian improvements.


East Main Street 1

An overview of E. Main Street looking west toward Morgan Square.


East Main Street 2'

A look at one of the chicanes that would be straightened along E. Main Street.


East Main Street 3

Looking west on E. Main Street near the intersection with Liberty Street.


So there we have them, the three possible major streetscaping possibilities for Downtown Spartanburg. Now comes the obvious question. Which would you, dear interested Spartanburg Citizen, like to see Council approve? What improvement would best benefit our city, both its residents and its businesses? Mull it over for a bit, and leave your answer in the comment section below.