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The great #SpartanburgWOLI photo contest

Wednesday, August 14

Contest will include prizes for three best photos


Maybe we're crazy, but here at City Hall, we believe that photo contests and downtown Ferris wheels go together like peanut butter and jelly. So obviously, when we announced that a 90 foot Ferris wheel named WOLI would be gracing our great city's downtown for 12 days in August, the idea of having a photo contest wasn't so much an idea as it was a foregone conclusion.


With that in mind, today we're announcing the #SpartanburgWOLI photo contest. Why the hashtag? Because in order to participate in this contest you've got to post your photos on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or all three if you're feeling frisky), using the tag. The contest will run throughout WOLI's time here in Spartanburg, ending on August 25. 


After that, our team of smartphone photo gurus will select the three best of the bunch and on Monday, August 26, we'll announce the winners and post their photos here on the City website. And in case you need a little more incentive to pull that phone out of your pocket while you take in those 90 foot views, we've got some great prizes for the first, second, and third place winners (look for more details in the coming days).


Wondering what kind of photos we're looking for? Anything shot from WOLI or any photo with WOLI is eligible for the contest. Simple enough, right?  Good, then let those creative juices flow with great shots like...


The "WOLI peeking from behind the trees" shot.



The "oh, what a lovely view" shot.


The "OMG, that's a long way down" shot.


The "slightly off-kilter disorienting architectural" shot


Or the "slightly obvious, but still really cool 'Downtown Icons'" shot.



Got some ideas now? Planning out that contest-winning snapshot in your head? Great! Come on Downtown and grab a ticket to ride, snap those photos, upload them to the social media site of your choice under the hashtag #SpartanburgWOLI and let the photo contest begin!