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Video: City Residents Speak Out on Spartanburg Water

Thursday, May 16

Public Works Commissioners, Spartanburg Water Management did not attend public forums


As part of our ongoing efforts to educate the public on the proposal by the Spartanburg Water Commission of Public Works to cut its annual dividend payment to the city, City Council and Management recently held four public forums on the dispute. Though invited to participate and make their case to the public, none of the three Commissioners of Public Works, nor any of Spartanburg Water's Management attended the meeting.


Below is a video of some of the comments and questions from city residents who attended the forums. Important questions were asked, many of which went unanswered due to Spartanburg Water's decision not to participate. We encourage all city residents to educate themselves on this issue, and to contact their Public Works Commissioners (Mr. Myles W. Whitlock Jr.Ms. Linda Powers Bilanchone, and Mr. John D. Montgomery) to let them know your thoughts.