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Video: Schuyler Building Renovation Underway

Monday, October 21

Developer says Downtown apartment building renovation will be complete in around eight months


It's no secret we love seeing resedential projects in Downtown Spartanburg, and no project in town is (literally) bigger than the Schuyler Apartment Building renovation. Impossible to miss on the drive up South Church Street into Downtown, the 13-story Schuyler Builidng has been a fixture in the Spartanburg skyline since 1950. Now, thanks to a renovation effort, a building that was originally constructed to provide housing for a post-World War II boom will get another chance to serve the same purpose for a rapidly redeveloping Downtown Spartanburg.


The extensive historical renovovation has come a long way already, including removing, cleaning and reinstalling the building's original windows, and according to developer Pace Burt, the project should be complete in around eight months. To get a feel for how things are going so far, and to check out those amazing high-rise views, see the video below.