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What would you do with this 4.5 acre parcel in Downtown Spartanburg?

Monday, August 18

Demolition of former Cannon Roofing headquarters to open large site to new development


Since 1951, the parcel at 327 E. Kennedy Street served as home to one of our region's largest roofing contractors, Cannon Roofing. After recently moving their headquarters, the company put the old location on the market, and to improve its prospects for sale, Cannon has undertaken demolitition of the warehousing and office space that it once used.


Demolition started today, and once complete, the newly development-ready site will instantly become one of the most desirable parcels in town, large enough to accomodate a wide array of possible uses. Located just a block from Spartanburg Community College's Evans Academic Center, with a few blocks to Morgan Square in one direction and a couple of blocks in the other direction to Barnet Park, the Chapman Cultural Center, and the USC-Upstate George Dean Johnson Jr. College of Business and Economics. Best of all, a plan to extend the Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail into Downtown promises to bring thousands of new pedestrians and bicyclists by the property down the length of its Union Street side. Check out the map below to get the lay of the land.



With a property this size in a location this prime, it's not hard to imagine something pretty major happening here in the near future, but until it does, we figure there's nothing wrong with spending a little time daydreaming about the possibilities. So how about it? What would you like to see rising in Spartanburg's skyline at 327 E Kennedy Street? Leave a comment below, and let us know.


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