Parks & Recreation Improvement Plan

$2.5 million plan for parks and trails city-wide

On Oct. 14, 2013, City Council approved staff’s recommendation for $2.5 million in additions and upgrades to city parks, trails and recreation amenities. The plan will touch every part of the City. 

Highlights of the plan include:

  • New overflow parking and athletic field construction at C.C. Woodson Community Center
  • New multi-purpose activity center at Stewart Park
  • New neighborhood park on the City’s Westside (location TBD)
  • Upgrades and improvements to at least five existing neighborhood parks (including Happy Hollow Park, Hillcrest Park, Duncan Park, Priscilla Rumley Park and Summerhill Park)
  • New signage at parks and recreation amenities
  • Funding for new bike/pedestrian trails 

Budget Summary

Planned Expenditures

$150,000 C.C. Woodson Community Center

$500,000 Stewart Park Activity Center

$400,000 Westside Neighborhood Park

$580,000 Neighborhood Park Improvements

$200,000 Contingency

$750,000 Bike/Pedestrian/Trails (FY15-19)

$2,580,000 Total

Identified Funding

$1 million loan (paid with savings from Swim Center closure)

$330,000 from sale of 1 Morgan Square property

$250,000 from FY14 year-end operating surplus

$250,000 from Hospitality Tax Reserve

$750,000 from Swim Center operations savings

$2,580,000 Total