Police Services

Serving a Safe & Vibrant City

The Spartanburg Police Department is a nationally accredited, professional police service dedicated to making Spartanburg a safer place to live by fighting crime and improving the quality of life in our City's neighborhoods. Our department works diligently to provide Spartanburg with professional, compassionate, and responsive police services, focusing on partnerships with citizens and businesses to make our City stronger.

Utilizing the latest in law enforcement technology to enable more efficient information sharing and collaboration, engaging with communities to identify and address neighborhood issues, and working creatively to reduce youth violence by partnering with social service providers to provide alternatives for high-risk youth, the Spartanburg Public Safety Law Enforcement Division works tirelessly to ensure that our City remains a safe, vibrant community.

Spartanburg Police operations update from Chief Alonzo Thompson

June 8, 2020 update from Spartanburg Police Chief Alonzo Thompson on an overview of City Police operations and use-of-force protocols.

Civil Service Examination

City of Spartanburg Police Officer candidates must pass a written exam and physical agility assessment. Our next Civil Service exam will be conducted on May 6, 2023.