Neighborhood Services

The Neighborhood Services Department is the housing redevelopment arm of the City of Spartanburg.  Its mission is to stop blight in underserved and neglected neighborhoods, and to bring housing redevelopment efforts that will ultimately bring in new investments. This is done in a variety of ways that include partnerships with public and private funders, both federal and local government, as well as partnerships with corporations, non-profits, and public institutions. The most important partnership, however, is with the community and its leaders.  

Neighborhood Services include:

  • Revitalization of distressed neighborhoods
  • Conservation and expansion of the housing stock
  • Elimination of conditions detrimental to the community’s health and welfare
  • Neighborhood Pride Funding Program

Housing Services include:

  • An Emergency Repair Program, for owner-occupied households that are income qualified
  • Rehabilitation of existing housing and new housing development
  • Referrals to Fair Housing information and assistance
  • Referrals to Homeownership Credit Counseling and down payment assistance

Primary Funding Sources include:

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
  • HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME)
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Programs (NSP 1 and 3)

The City, by championing affordable housing that is safe, decent, and benefits our low-to-moderate income families, changes Spartanburg for the better--one community at a time. The two primary neighborhoods we are currently involved in are Forest Park and the Northside.

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United Way 211 System

United Way 211 System