Business Licensing Process

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Home-based, Residential Business

If your business operates out of a residential or other non-retail property within the City, you are required to obtain a Home Occupation Permit prior to applying for a Business License.

Qualifying businesses in this category are not required to maintain a state-issued retail license. However, these businesses are urged to check with the South Carolina Secretary of State, Corporations Division at 803-734-2158 to inquire about the use of business names, trademarks, phrases, slogans, etc.

Important Forms

Businesses with a Storefront

Businesses located within the City of Spartanburg, or businesses that operate within the city limits, are required to purchase an annual business license. However, prior to obtaining a license, businesses operating out of a storefront or other non-residential space must contact our Planning Department to ensure that all applicable zoning, building, signage, fire, and safety codes are met, and must have received a final inspection by the City’s Building Inspections Department. Upon completion of all inspections, a certificate of occupancy will be issued, the final step before licensing.

Important Forms

Building Permits

Any space requiring work before your business can open will require a commercial building permit and certificate of occupancy. Commercial building permits are only issued to state and City-licensed contractors. The following steps will typically be handled by your contractor:

  • Submit building renovation plans to the Building Inspections Department. City staff will review the plans, and based on code requirements, will either approve them or request that you make changes. Staff will issue a building permit once all building codes and zoning requirements have been met.
  • Acquire plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical permits if building or renovation plans will require alterations of these systems. These permits can be obtained through Building Inspections.

Depending upon the type of work your space needs prior to opening your business, a number of applications may need to be completed. For assistance regarding building permits, please visit our Building Inspections page.

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*Please email Building Permit applications to*

Interior Work

For interior work on your business space, the following applications may need to be completed, depending upon the scope of the work.

Exterior work

A site plan must be submitted and approved for any exterior work needed for your business space. Depending upon the scope of work required, the following applications may need to be completed.

Fire Alarms & Suppression

Work done to any commercial fire alarm or suppression systems may require one or more of the following forms, depending upon the work scope.

Planning Permits

All zoning, signage, site plan, and encroachment permit applications needed for your business are reviewed by the city's Planning Department. Depending on the scope of work, the following applications may be needed.