Residential Building

Residential Building Permit

Any work done on a residential property in the City of Spartanburg will require a residential building permit. Residential building permits can be issued to a property's owner or to state and City-licensed contractors.

Depending upon the type of work to be done, a number of applications may need to be completed. For assistance regarding building permits, please visit our Building Inspections page.

*Please email applications to*

View the Residential Building Application (PDF).

Additional Permit Applications

Depending on the scope of work to be done, additional applications may need to be submitted.

Building Plan Review

For major works, a building plan will need to be submitted for review by the City's Building Inspections department. No review is needed for minor work, such as water heater installation and repair, minor interior work, plumbing, minor demolition, etc.

View the Building Plan Review (PDF).