Boulevard of Food

Ask most people what their favorite part of the annual International Festival is, and without hesitation, they'll say it's the food. There's no doubt about it, the Boulevard of Food is one of the most popular attractions at the festival year after year.

With food booths lining Converse Street beside Barnet Park and in the Chapman Cultural Center parking lot, offering tastes from around the world, it's easy to see why. Festival-goers can sample foods from Germany, Japan, El Salvador, France, Kenya, Peru, Tanzania, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Laos, Jamaica, and much more.

Food is purchased with coupons that are sold at "currency exchange" locations throughout the festival area for $1 each.

2023 International Boulevard of Food

  • Ecuador - Antonio Ramirez
  • France - Jackie Fontaine
  • Germany - Beate Pirchmoser
  • Haiti - Jean Gabriel
  • India - Viral Kumar
  • India - Cima Mathur
  • Laos/Hmong - Joyce Moua
  • Child Eating Corn on a StickHmong/French - Isabelle Pha
  • Mexico - Monica Jimenez
  • Mexico - Sua-Ahira Alvarado
  • Mexico - Janneth Tamayo
  • Mexico - Jacqueline Guadalupe
  • Philippines - Thelma Gorlach
  • Philippines - Ester Stein
  • Pacific Islands - David Owen
  • Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic - Luis Ramos
  • Turkey - Yuksel Sonmez
  • United States - Leonard Balaj
  • United States - Larry Roberson
  • United States - Rosie Wannamaker
  • Venezuela - Johnny Castillo
  • Venezuela - Reinaldo Fuentes
  • Nigeria - Ikenna Onyebueke