International Trade Zone ItemsShopping for unique gifts and items from around the globe is another treat at International Festival.

Visitors can purchase items ranging from Celtic clothing and European prints to hemp necklaces and carved nativity pieces in from artists and vendors representing China, Japan, India, Scotland, Russia, Peru, Colombia, and more.

2022 International Trade Zone Participants

  1. Sponsor - South Carolina Federal Credit Union
  2. Xpressions Ortemanos Magnolia Villegas
  3. Seejak Trades Christopher Thomas
  4. Bracelite Edgar Suarez
  5. Shack of Zion Nicole Rice
  6. Bracelets and Baskets Amanda Counts
  7. Ballenger Brand Dalvanta Ballenger
  8. Gage Coleman Art / Norma + Grace Gage Coleman/Norma Thompson
  9. Trophies of Union Rhonda Sanders
  10. Products of the Wild Mary Jane Wasserman
  11. Products of the Philippines Thelma Gorlach
  12. Tinga Tinga International Nkimani kamau
  13. King Tut Layla Mohomad
  14. The Serving of Hope Sy Vang
  15. Whistle Pig Art Meg Barrow
  16. Smooth Acres Finest Donnie Arcaro
  17. T-n-T Creative Designs Aldonza Thomas
  18. Master Designs and Art Thomas Cheeks
  19. Mama V's Boutique Joe Bednar
  20. Penny's Pantry Penny Pompa
  21. Ecuador Matt Harrison
  22. JK Oils Keith Wilkins
  23. Patty's Collection Patty Buckley
  24. Loveyon's Donna Elmore
  25. Colombia's Cultural Expressions Elvira Else
  26. Creative Printing Noni Williams
  27. Designs by Kween Ester Carter
  28. Soul Deep Designs Cheri Johnson

2022 Global Interest Groups

  1. Spartanburg County Public Libraries
  2. World Relief Upstate
  3. Bahai Faith
  4. USC Upstate
  5. International Baptist Church
  6. Roebuck Presbyterian Church
  7. Language and the Bible
  8. Operations Christmas Child
  9. Carolina Spine and Health
  10. Voter Registration
  11. Global Academy
  12. Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union
  13. Wofford Faith in the Vaccine Ambassadors