Neighborhood Advisory Board

Next Meeting: November 14 at 5:30 PM at the Dr. T.K. Gregg Center


Phillip Stone, Chair -Hampton Heights Neighborhood AssociationNAB logo2 copy

Marshall Irby, Vice Chair - Pineview Hills Neighborhood Association 

Jenni Currier, Secretary - Woodland Heights Neighborhood Association


  • To involve community groups, i.e., associations, Neighborhood Watch, civic organizations, Neighborhood Leadership Program participants, and any other groups that meet the purposes of this organization. 
  • To provide an effective mechanism whereby the groups can share information and become officially recognized as an advisory body to Mayor and City Council, City Manager, and other City staff.
  • To produce within its membership and the community, in general, a greater understanding of the issues and problems facing the communities of Spartanburg.
  • To promote the interchange of ideas concerning the relationship between groups and government, the role of government and institutions in improving the quality of life, the goals to which government should direct its efforts and into which it should invest its limited resources, and other similar topics which interest the membership.
  • To disseminate information to the various community groups and organizations; also, to seek input from community organizations on proposed actions by City Council.
  • To consider implementing projects and activities which are requested by City Council and generated by this organization in order to fulfill its purposes.
  • To act as a liaison between the community groups and the City and, with their knowledge, serve as a spokes group for these groups.
  •  To share information and ideas among the membership on successful community endeavors.

Neighborhood ConnectionsPeople on Computer

Neighborhood Connections is a series of training sessions we offer to engage neighborhoods by helping them learn new things. Our first series of classes features how to create flyers and newsletters, how to become a 501(c)3, how to apply for grants, and how to create social media pages for your neighborhood.