2020 Podcasts

January 8, 2020: Previewing Our Upcoming MLK Unity Week Events
January 15, 2020: Looking Back on a Decade of Spartanburg Arts Growth
January 22, 2020: Looking Back on 10 Years of Public, Private Recreation Investment in Spartanburg 
January 30, 2020: A #Spartanburg2020 Look at Downtown Living and Culture
February 12, 2020: Discussing the Tornado Recovery Effort in Spartanburg
February 19, 2020: Discussing Cottonwood Trail Cleanup Efforts and Future Plans with SPACE
March 12, 2020: Information and Tips to Combat Covid-19 in Spartanburg
March 18, 2020: An Update on Covid-19 in Spartanburg
April 1, 2020: Now is the Perfect Time to Fill Out the 2020 Census
April 8, 2020: Discussing South Carolina's "Work or Home" Order
April 16, 2020: Show Us How You're Staying #SafeInSpartanburg
April 22, 2020: "Lead-Safe Spartanburg" Program to Assist Residents in Removing Dangerous Lead Paint from Older Homes
May 6, 2020: Major Downtown and Northside Development Projects Continue to Move Forward
September 24, 2020: Explaining How Spartanburg Housing Fund will Support Affordable Housing Development
October 19, 2020: "Plan Spartanburg" to Become Nation's First Citywide Comprehensive Plan with Racial Equity as Guiding Principle
November 24, 2020: Win Prizes from Downtown Businesses this Holiday Season with "Snowman Scramble" Scavenger Hunt
December 23, 2020: Taking a Look Back at 2020 in Spartanburg