What is the Litter Hero Program?

The Litter Hero Program is a 90-day pilot created by the City of Spartanburg, OneSpartanburg Inc., Spartanburg County, and a wide range of homeless service providers that will employ up to four individuals who are experiencing homelessness or housing instability as part of a litter crew working in Spartanburg County. Participants will be employees of the Spartanburg Opportunity Center, reporting to work at the center in the morning to engage in case management and life skills training as assigned prior to heading to the work site.

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1. What is the Litter Hero Program?
2. What needs does the Litter Hero Program serve?
3. What are the requirements for participants?
4. What are the work schedules and compensation for participants in the program?
5. Who is funding the program?
6. What are the program’s partner organizations?