What is the City of Spartanburg Homeless Court?

The City of Spartanburg Homeless Court is a voluntary program created to help individuals who are either currently homeless or homeless at the time they were charged with a criminal offense that falls within the criteria for Homeless Court participation. The purpose of the Homeless Court is to encourage participants to receive and complete treatment and rehabilitation programs in exchange for the dismissal of the fines associated with a criminal offense and, in some cases, the dismissal of an offense.

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1. What is the City of Spartanburg Homeless Court?
2. How was the City of Spartanburg’s Homeless Court created?
3. What charges are considered?
4. How does Homeless Court work?
5. Does a Homeless Court participant receive a lawyer?
6. What is the process and steps for Homeless Court?
7. Who are some of the qualifying treatment providers currently involved in the City of Spartanburg Homeless Court?
8. Where is Homeless Court held?
9. How do I obtain an application for the Homeless Court?